Venetian evening

"Venetian evening"
Oil on canvas 100x120. 2021
3600 euro.
- December 2021: International collective exhibition on a free theme. “CHRISTMAS WITH CONTEMPORARY ART IN VENICE”
Critical text by art critic and curator Maria Palladino.
Lilia Kaluzhyna has a spontaneous and free approach to painting, which declines in warm color chords, which determine particular interior resonances in the viewer, producing a melody suffused with nostalgic memories, a harmony that pervades the painted image and comes to touch strings that resonate within the spectator. Beyond any defined geographical and temporal connotations, the poetics of affects represent a unifying factor that unites and connects every man to the other, without distinction of origin. It is for this reason that the painter’s paintings evoke a universal matrix, as the result of clairvoyance, and this visionary character is dissolved in the richness of the shades used, giving rise to fraying, mixing, overlapping, similarly to an image that emerges and becomes let you admire, even in the dissolution of its distance.

Painting is an interior dimension in which to get lost in order to rediscover one’s most intimate essence, and this is often expressed by figures with indistinct features, uniting the entire human race, in search of an identity that escapes us in the real world, often manipulated. from external reasons.

The colors saturate the surface of the painting, the painter lets herself be carried away by the color, which, overabundant, invests the entire space, generating a tessellation that leaves the minimum necessary breath for each component, almost suffocated by the urgency of the surrounding tones.

Lilia Kaluzhyna therefore represents in her paintings a passionate and physical mimesis between matter and emotion: the contact with reality, mainly natural, translates into compositions in which the chromatism is dynamic and crushed, and the warm tones, dominated by yellow , by contrasts and chords that enhance and enhance the adjacent colors. The artist mediates between the exteriority of the perceived event, the interiority of her imaginary universe, and again the exteriority of the artistic object, to convey the themes dear to her outside: nature and music, and related hybridizations, which are often tinged with surreal and lyrical fusions, with absolute creative freedom.

The work “Venetian Evening”, 120 x 100 cm., Oil on canvas, 2021, chosen for this exhibition, offers us the spectacle of a Venetian twilight dissolving between sky and aquatic transparencies.

Maria Palladino
- March 2022: The TOP 200 Chosen By Antonio Castellana Second Edition 2022