To live and create or how the painting (Art) came into my life.

Maybe my autobiography will seem strange to you, but I want to tell you how art came into my life. I was born on the 22nd of November. November is unromantic month without sun, when nature fades in black and white clothes and waits for big colorful Christmas holidays. It happened with my inspiration, which was waiting for something…

I was spent my childhood (up to 6 years) in the Ukrainian small provincial town Chernyakhov. There was nothing remarkable in this place, except for the park and the river, the access to which was directly from the courtyard. The park seemed to me a dense and huge forest, with its secrets and riddles. The river, overgrown with reeds, excited my childhood imagination. The house in which my parents and my grandparents lived was filled with different wonderful objects: an old wooden cupboard, I imagined that it was a cave with a treasure, huge and thick books on history and astronomy with pictures incomprehensible to me, various porcelain figurines, which I couldn’t touch and many other amazing things. But I admired the big round table, which stood in the dining room. On holidays all relatives gathered at this table. On ordinary days I imagined this table an island or a big and strong elephant. I loved to sit on it with legs and draw my simple children’s drawings. Even when all the adults were sleeping, the table was my shelter, my island, my home. There I was alone with my fantasies, where I lived in my own bright world. There my bright world as colorful firework splashed onto paper.

Yes, it all started there.

Time flies, I have a younger sister, and in 1980 my family moved to Zhytomyr. By the age of seven, my parents noticed my addiction and send me in an art school. Now there is individual approach to each child at the art school, but at the eighties it was different. At the school was boring, all according to the standard and pattern. Now I understand that knowledge and training are necessary. At the age of 7 I felt my imagination was restrained, and besides, by December it turned out that there was no time to drive me. I draw for myself at home and I sculpt all sorts of animal figures from plasticine for my younger sister. My creations live in the fridge for a while, then disappear. Together with them, the desire to create disappears and falls asleep.

I graduated from school it’s time to choose the university. My choice fell on the artist-designer in Kiev Art, but a terrible word “Designer”. If I said that I would go to study at the cleaner, I think it would cause less resonance. In 1987 no one could understand what it is designer. The choice was made by parents and couldn’t appeal on further.

I had to study at Kiev Trade and Economic University. It sounded proud and prestigious for everyone except me and my soul. Muse for a long time went into a lethargic sleep. I thought I’d lost my inspiration forever.

I was ordinary women with ordinary life. I worked in the area of medicine and cosmetology. Sometimes I recalled a large round table with paints and pencils and bright drawings. I had a dream of a big box of oil paints, which I couldn’t buy for a various reasons. Only my sister could see my half-dead muse that was still breathing. She gave me a large oil paint box. Thank you very much for making my dream come true.

My soul had slept for 25 years. When my inspiration came back to me, I was not afraid of the new material, oil paints. I did not scare the lack of knowledge and skills. My soul waited too long and was happy that I can create again without any rules. The soul commanded the parade of colors, and the hands fulfilled her wishes. I’m getting happier when people like my pictures, which I draw with my soul. People buy my pictures and taken to other countries such as Italy, Austria, France, Russia.

As soon as I came back to my real, my private life changed. Also I changed location.

I am living in Olbia. It is a small southern city on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Surrounded by beauty and with support of my family, the muse finally spread its wings and began to create.

I like the word create, because it means the beginning of something new. I trustfully follow my inspiration, my muse, my soul, and what you see is my soul with all the dark and bright moments, thoughts about life, joys and sorrows. Bright paints, strokes, paint on the tip of the brush and spatula blade, fingers are stained with paint, all these moments is Art.

I love creating with the soul and for the soul, for the benefit and pleasure of people. If these works are affected your heart and caused pleasant emotions, I will know that I’m on the right way.